The software creates a secondary database using the GenBank database as primary data source. The objective is to create an architecture template with a simple graphic interface to facilitate its use. To develop a new model architecture, C# and ASP.NET were chosen as programming language, aiming the model's implementation. For data storage, the Open Source Data Base Management System (DBMS) named MySQL was chosen, due to its higher performance in web queries execution (Jeremy D. Zawodny and Derek J. Balling, 2004). The software provides advanced searches of nucleotide sequences using a web service provided by GenBank.

After the rst search, the tool will apply techniques to curate and optimize data information before storage in the secondary database. Aiming the increasing of the sequence queries performance, the software will apply computational advanced technique of Boyer algorithm (Boyer et al. 1977). The algorithm Boyer-Moore presents high performance on textual searches, and its implementation will increase meaningfully the queries search performance. The software enables the development of plug-ins in C# language. Those plug-ins may be routines, algorithms or another techniques applications.



Felipe G. Torres
José Irahe K. Gonçalves


Dr. Artur Trancoso Lopo de Queiroz

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